Why Use Subway Tiles for Your Home?

Subway tiles got their name from their own history, having been used in the NYC subway terminals way back in the early nineteenth century. Nowadays, they have found their way to homes.

So why should you consider decorating your own home with subway tiles?

1. They're highly versatile.

Because of the subway tiles' simple design, they are very compatible with different types of d?cor and architectural styles. If you like the clean and simple look, then these tiles are for you, whether you want them in your bathroom countertop or your kitchen backsplash. What's great is that you can buy in a wide variety of colors, textures and sizes. Subway tiles are perfect if you're looking beyond the usual monochromatic glazed tile, and would rather be bolder and more exciting with tons of variations in tone and color. Whatever your existing d?cor's style, these tiles will be a good match.

You may like it that there are certain styles not really associated with tile. For instance, there are subway tiles made to look like natural limestone and offered in the usual subway tile sizes. It's 3D digital printing technology that helps produce the stone-like effects, whether the tiles are made of porcelain or whatever material.

2. They can highlight a home's architectural features.

Whether they're installed in your kitchen or your bathroom, the sizes and shapes of discount glass subway tile are a nice backdrop for highlighting decorative elements like mirrors, cabinets, windows, and so on. If you're thinking of a contemporary style, white subway tiles make a gorgeous backdrop for stainless steel appliances. You can even use subway tiles in other parts of your home besides your bathroom or kitchen backsplash. You can install them vertically or any other atypical pattern. This will attract interest without actually diminishing the timeless appeal of the tiles.

3. It can be springboard for styling inspirations.

Subway tiles for recycled glass subway tile are stylish by themselves and can stand out on their own, but they can also give rise to a variety of style ideas, especially when you combine them with other types of tiles. You can add to them more contemporary tiles to create a nice blend of old and new in your home.

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or building a new home, subway tiles can be great materials to use to achieve the look and feel you want. But of course, you need to have a plan so you can create a truly outstanding overall design.

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